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The E3Rehab Podcast

Mar 28, 2023

Chris and Sam sat down with Taylor Goldberg to discuss hypermobility spectrum disorders, hyper-mobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (also known as hEDS), and upper cervical instability. We initially dive into an article published earlier this year by Leslie Russek and colleagues titled, “Presentation and physical therapy management of upper cervical instability in patients with symptomatic generalized joint hyper mobility: International Expert Consensus Recommendations.” Within the paper, we talk about diagnostic criteria, screening for red flags, the clinical examination, and recommended treatment interventions. Taylor discusses the outdated terms and beliefs that still occur in research and clinical practice surrounding things such as chiropractic subluxations vs true subluxations, posture, and alignment. We then discuss medical gaslighting for hEDS along with examples of both under and over-medicalization of this condition. We then discuss strength training for this population, and Taylor finishes the discussion by dispelling a few more myths surrounding those diagnosed with hEDS. 

Russek et al, 2023 Paper

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This episode was produced by Matt Hunter.