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The E3Rehab Podcast

Mar 21, 2023

Chris sat down with Q Willey to discuss all things physical preparation and belief change. Q is a Physical Therapist and Coach, currently working remotely for the Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab Team. We talk about Q’s athletic journey, from playing all the sports growing up, playing lacrosse at BYU, transitioning to...

Mar 14, 2023

Chris and Sam sat down with Paul Salamh to discuss his 2020 JOSPT Viewpoint titled, "It Is Time to Put Special Tests for Rotator Cuff-Related Shoulder Pain out to Pasture." Paul is a researcher, professor, and clinician at the University of Indianapolis who specializes in shoulder / upper extremity related conditions....

Oct 13, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Oliver Thomson sits down with us to talk about enhancing patient care through better communication. 


Learn more from Dr. Thomson:





13. Long Term Athletic Development with Dr. Derek Miles

Jun 23, 2020

In this episode we break down:

- What is the long term athletic development model

- Why is the LTAD important

- How can we practically make decisions to support best development

and much more!

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