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The E3Rehab Podcast

Apr 4, 2023

Chris sat down with Sam Spinelli and Marc Surdyka to discuss The Goldilocks Principle of Rehab. Marc discusses the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears and the inspiration for the new E3 Goldilocks Just Right teeshirts. Sam then dives into the concept of load and outlines both the Envelope of Function, by Scott Dye, and the Physical Stress Theory, by Michael Mueller and Katrina Maluf. Marc then talks about utilization and implementation of these principles in both a rehab and training context. Marc discusses some of the limitations and methodological flaws with attempting to identify an ideal training load in the context of injury prevention. Lastly, Marc and Sam both touch on the downsides of gathering too much data and information surrounding sleep, readiness, and performance. 

Papers Discussed: 

  1. Envelope of Function
  2. Physical Stress Theory
  3. Training Load and Its Role in Injury Prevention, Part 1: Back to the Future
  4. Training Load and Its Role in Injury Prevention, Part 2: Conceptual and Methodologic Pitfalls

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This episode was produced by Matt Hunter.