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The E3Rehab Podcast

Mar 21, 2023

Chris sat down with Q Willey to discuss all things physical preparation and belief change. Q is a Physical Therapist and Coach, currently working remotely for the Barbell Medicine Pain and Rehab Team. We talk about Q’s athletic journey, from playing all the sports growing up, playing lacrosse at BYU, transitioning to UNC during his masters program and winning a National Championship with their men’s lacrosse team, to competing on the USA Olympic Bobsled Team. We discuss the physiological demands across sports and we compare field sport athletes versus highly niche sports like bobsled. We then talk about some of the flawed views, and implementation of, “sports-specific” training  with professional athletes. We then switch gears and talk about Q’s experiences with belief change, coming to grips with uncertainty, and remaining open minded as both a clinician, coach, and human.

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This episode was produced by Matt Hunter.